Weekend surfskate course

Do you want to do an intensive surfskate? Our weekend surfskate course offers you two lessons of 1h30 'and it is what you are looking for. Whether you come with your friends or want to sign up alone and we add you to an already formed group, it is the ideal course for all levels and ages. Choose the weekend that suits you best and keep improving your technique on days without waves. Sign up now and enjoy surfskate with your friends and our team!

Where? Areas of La Barceloneta, Marbella & Forum.

Includes: Monitor + Insurance + material.

Observations: 2 sessions of 1h30 '. Group classes (3 or more people). We organize groups. If you sign up alone and it coincides that for the weekend you choose, there aren't a minimum of 3 people, we will propose 3 options: choose another weekend, rent or pay an extra to take a private class.

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